About Blue Bagger

Our founder and inventor, Rick Duncan, has designed creative solutions for the aerospace industry for more than 20 years.  The idea for the Blue Bagger “hit” Rick while he was working in ground support for one of the world’s largest regional airlines about 25 years ago.  While emptying the airplane lavatory at CVG airport, Rick was literally “hit” with waste and blue juice during the antiquated lavatory service process.  That led Rick to wonder “how can I improve this nasty job?”.
25 years later, the problem that repeatedly “hit” Rick while working in aircraft lavatory service on the tarmac still exists.  ‘Blue juice’ and human waste drips, spills, and dumps still contaminate service workers, tarmacs, and hangars every day around the world.  Rick worked diligently for many years with the team at Blue Bagger, Inc. to perfect the design of the Blue Bagger.

Our goal at Blue Bagger, Inc. is to improve this lavatory service process, help protect service workers, and better protect the environment.